h t m – uhl

#SanaySaBasicHtml-ing #SayNoToCSS

CHAR CHAR :)))))))))

I was used to use the most basic html codes when making a personal site, however, css was introduced

and it ruined my life

i just wanna thank sir vega for not putting so much standards in making a website bec i will definitely suck

/////// fast forward

so i finished making it, sent it to sir vega

then…. due to my humongous stupidity

i forgot to submit a significant file. oh wow great thanks bye

flaws cause loss

loss is something unfathomable; it is something you know not of.

do you feel like being lead to somewhere you’re unaware of?

do you feel like being trapped in ecstatic agony?

do you feel strange in seeing yourself in front of the mirror?

do you feel amazed by the sound of your heartbeat?

do you feel nauseatedĀ every single time you are praised?

do you feel like wanting to swallow your own existence?

do you feelĀ like rejecting all the “love” you guess you’re feeling?

do you feel so skeptic and afraid?

do you feel silent’s tight embrace?





code u nuht?

I didn’t expect things to be this hard. I didn’t expect that I would stay up all night just because I am in the midst of hardship. I didn’t expect this to be painful. I didn’t expect that this will make me feel empty.


I didn’t expect. </3